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Brothers from Opposite Poles

Roubesh was a Northern Indian from Bihar, whose family migrated in France. His father Devanand had been working for several years as salesman in a kid clothes shop in Paris, in the aim of helping his family in Patna, Bihar, as they lived in very poor conditions there. Thanks to his help, his family succeeded belonging to the new risen middle class population of India, and they were also helping other poor people like themselves sorting out of poverty thanks to an association they created, financed by Devanand.
Devanand had Roubesh as unique son and unique child, and he spoilt him and gave him everything, with the hope that after retirement, Roubesh would follow his steps. But roubesh was a rebel heart and soul since so many years, and refused to follow his father, because behind that too perfect family solidarity, he noticed lots of hypocrisy among his family from Bihar, and he wanted to live his own life. He refused even to marry a Bihari girl his father chose for him, as he was against the family traditions present in such a hypocrite family. Instead he lived in concubinage with a French girl, with whom he had a baby. They lived happy and Roubesh was working in a garage for car repairing, but Devanand and the rest of the family rejected him and he was considered as the black sheep of the family.

Santhosh, by his side, lived in very poor conditions in the shantytown of Santhome in Chennai, India. Contrary to Roubesh, Santhosh lacked love from his father, though his father was working very hard as a manufacturer to help his family getting rid from misery. His father rejected him so much that he even got mistaken about the date to be included in the administrative documents regarding Santhosh's admission to school, putting the date of entrance at school for Santhosh at the place of his date of birth while filling the admission documents! He even neglected Santhosh's health and vaccinations. Santhosh did all his best to please his father, but his father never paid attention to his progress. By the same way, Santhosh kept on using that fake date in all his administrative document because of his father's inattention while filling in the admission papers, and he was detected hepatitis b positive after medical check-up made in hospital, since he obtained an opportunity to work for a cruise land company in India! He was devastated, but he never gave up, and tempted his chance again when a cruise land opportunity was offered to him, that time, in Monaco! He then packed up his bag and went his his way to France and he settled in Paris.

Before flying to Monaco, Santhosh followed a full time course within the framework of his cruise land job and acknowledged Roubesh one evening in the Parisian tube while each of them were on their way back home. Despite their difference of culture, they immediately sympathized with each other and found with each other lots of common points. But where they became closer to each other was about their relationships with their respective fathers, which were totally opposite. But what they found in common was how their father mistook them, Roubesh by being misused as a prestige object, and Santhosh being totally neglected. They decided to give their fathers a solid lesson together, when Roubesh decided to buy his own yacht. As Roubesh had a room to let in his flat, he proposed Santhosh to rent the room but as a guest as he had no money, and Santhosh was proposed to work together with roubesh in his garage, for afterwards saving money and owning together a luxury boat proposing cruise lands.

However, Santhosh faced a big dilemma : he fell secretly in love with Amanda, Roubesh's wife, and Amanda wasn't either indifferent to Santhosh's charm and sweetness. One day as both were off, while Roubesh was at work, Santhosh and Amanda couldn't control each other and had sex. But Santhosh forgot to take his precautions and Amanda fell pregnant! She decided then to lie to Roubesh about that marital affair, pretending that the child was from him. But Santhosh's attitude changed as he felt guilty towards Roubesh for what he did and suffered in silence from that impossible love with Amanda. What will be Amanda's final decision then ? Will she keep her secret to save the friendship between Roubesh and Santhosh, who love each other like two brothers from a same womb ? Or will she listen to her heart and face a difficult separation for living a new life with Santhosh, even though she may lose everything, including the baby daughter she had with Roubesh before Santhosh arrived in her life?

The Bitter Side of Illusion

Half Woman, Half Tiger

Mani was a young debut film star in Kollywood, the South Indian film industry. He was very handsome and got along well with everybody... Especially his female fans. That didn't please his girlfriend Abhinaya, who decided to break up with him! Mani was so devastated that he tried to catch up with her, but in vain! As she didn't seem to want to come back to him, Mani had no other choice than continuing his career and keeping befriending his audience.
But one day, he acknowledged a rich fan, a young lady who was the daughter of a powerful industrial engineer, who wanted to boost up his career and make him becoming an international movie star. She even proposed him to marry her, and that as soon as he would marry, his life would change forever... Mani was on cloud nine and totally away from the strong reality he was already in.
When Abhinaya heard about the news, as she knew the lady very well, she decided to give another chance to Mani and warned him about the danger in which he was getting involved. Unfortunately Mani rejected her with so much hatred that she got heartbroken and crying, and Mani seized the occasion to put her back in her place for having rejected him and accused her of being jealous of his new success!
He moved to Mumbai with the rich girl, as she was originated from there, and they married. Unfortunately reality was away from what he was expecting, as she made of him... A servant who would do all her chores and vehicle her as her personal driver and helper! She pretended that his situation would take time but that he had to save his money at maximum (whereas he was underpaid and mistreated) until his dream would come true.
The more days went by, the more Mani's conditions were getting worse, until one day he left everything and went back to Chennai. The young woman didn't accept Mani to go back and started harassing him and spoiling his reputation in Kollywood! Mani had only one solution as everyone including his family rejected him : Abhinaya. But will Abhinaya accept to come back to him and help him ? Or will he be condemned to stay with the obsessional wife he chose ?

Pancharatna - I Saw the Sun Before You

Pancharatna Temple in India

There were five young men of age group 20-25 years old. They were five friends united like the five fingers of the hand, five friends united like the five elements of life which are earth, air, fire, water and space, and five friends united like the five continents of the world. And effectively, the five elements of life and the five continents of the world were what represented their respective personalities and career.
Barriti, 22 years old, was a Native American Indian of both Apache and Maya ascendancy, came from the USA and worked as a firefighter. Mani, 23 years old, was a Maori from New Zealand and possessed his own plots of land all over the country, where he produced green vegetables and aromatics which he sold worldwide. Baraka was a 25-year-old Ethiopian who was actionnaire in the worldwide air company Ethiopian airlines. Mannish was a 21-year-old Indian native who was engaged in the National Coast Guards and a passionate of underwater life And finally Vladimir was a Russian native who always wanted to follow Neil Armstrong's steps into walking on the moon and who was preparing himself to go to space with the NASA.
As per their descriptions, in general, each of them especially represented the roots of the very first people who migrated in the 5 continents and, through their respective careers, they represented each of the elements of the world. But instead of being based in their respective countries, they were all based in Spain, where they studied in the same university, learnt Spanish language And stayed there to prepare their respective career. Since they met in university, their friendship was born and became inoxydable despite their differences of cultures, religions and social belongings.
One night, after they came back from a huge party organized by their university and were together on their way home in the same car, they noticed an old beautiful lady in the streets, who seemed to be ill. They were reluctant at first as they feared it was a disguised rogue who would attack them, but the old lady seemed to be sincere, despite her dirty and gipsy appearance as a bohemian, and they accepted to give her their help. They brought her to their flat, which they were co-renting together and which was a very big flat, helped her washing and putting on neat clothes though they were men clothes, offered her a soup, an omelette, a slice of bread and a glass of wine and proposed her to sleep at their place in the guest living room. The old lady slept till late in the afternoon as she was very tired, and the five friends decided to invite her to have dinner with them before she went back to where she came from.
She seized the opportunity to acknowledge each of the youngsters, their origins, their careers, and any detail concerning their respective lives. She then decided to relate her own experience. She was born in Romania and came from a wealthy family. Like all those youngsters she was a woman full of dreams and ambitions, and fought to make her dream coming true, until she lost her family and house in a fire attack! She was then adopted by a gypsy family from Romania who took care about her, but she never got married nor had children. With her new family she travelled several places of the world and unfortunately was badly seen by the whole society due to her appearance and social living.
Through her experience, she taught those youngsters a big lesson of life : not to let themselves involving into a superficial way of living though they want to live their own ambitions, and always remember life as seen in its natural shape as a gift of health, love, care, happiness and prosperity with the most simple elements of life, as taught by their ancestors. The five friends thought about her advice and then got closer to their elders, who shared with them their own experience of life based on simple things of life, which didn't disallow them being successful in life... Because they saw the sun before their grandsons... But in parallel they were meeting the old lady very often to share their experiences and lessons they obtained thanks to their respective elders.
But one day, the old lady fell ill of yellow fever and died, despite the five friends' medical help, but before dying, she gifted them a talisman she always wore around her neck and which they never saw before as it was covered under her clothes : a Pancharatna, a religious talisman in the shape of a cross and encrusted with five holy precious stones representing the five elements of life and also the five continents of the world.
How will that lesson of life transform the life of those youngsters ? How will they consider their careers with new eyes and no more with their old routine ? As descendants of the first people of the continent, how will that descendance help them realising that lesson of life ? And in which way the Pancharatna will transform their respective lives and their friendship in addition to all they learnt from her and from their elders ?

Triratna - See you in Eden

Triratna symbol in Buddhism

Three young men from different ethnicities and religions, but all three from Mauritius, just finalized their scholarship in secondary school and brilliantly obtained their Higher School Certificate after years of sacrifices.
One of them was named Bernard, a medley of Chinese and Indian origins but of Catholic faith. He was an ex-student from Notre Dame de la Confiance College in Beau Bassin, Mauritius. The second one was Neil, of Indian and Creole origins but of Anglican faith. He was an ex-student from St Andrews College in Rose Hill, Mauritius. Finally the third one was Ashil, a Bihari and Punjabi descendant of Hindu faith. He was an ex-student from Imperial College in Curepipe.
Despite their difference of religions, ethnicities and geographical locations, the three friends had been growing up together since childhood and shared a very strong bond of friendship which turned into a spiritual brotherhood, and all three chose computer science as their main subjects for their exams for different ambitions.
Bernard wanted to work for either Visa or MasterCard to manage all debit and credit cards worldwide against frauds and misuse. Neil wanted to become a graphic designer for his own account, and Ashil wanted to become a light and sound engineer for all entertainment shows and night clubs. Though they had different ambitions, they always worked together, studied together, helped each other especially during projects, assignments and final exams. All three brilliantly succeeded their final exams and even became laureates in their colleges, which was a matter which happened for the very first time in the history of education in Mauritius. Moreover, out of studies, they were always together in outings, family matters, religious matters, thick and thin, etc.
But when it came time for them to separate, they fulfilled a promise to each other, in addition of keeping in touch always and even visiting each other either in Mauritius or in the foreign countries where they would do their studies : to retrieve themselves at the same date, same place and same hour, which was on a 14th February at noon in Hassamal Shopping Centre in Rosé Hill, which was their favorite shopping mall and meeting point since years to renew their brotherhood bond. Before they separated, they were offered to each other a holy talisman named tri ratna, made of three precious gemstones composed of ruby, red coral and yellow sapphire, representing the three primary colors as red, blue and yellow. But they made a jeweller dividing the jewel in three pieces, each of the pieces to be worn by each of them during their distance relationship. They promised to themselves too that if their friendship still went on on the same way or turned stronger, they would make their jeweller reunite the three precious stones again in one only tri ratna.
Time went by, and Bernard, Neil and Ashil got graduated on the same year in computer science respectfully in Singapore, USA and India. They regularly met each other either in Mauritius or in their countries they were studying in. But when they graduated, they respected the promise they made to each other before separating and went to Hassamal shopping centre, though it was forgotten by the Mauritian population since Caudan Waterfront, Bagatelle, Cascavelle, Shoprite, Jumbo Score and all those big shopping malls appeared in the country, as Hassamal shopping centre remained a special souvenir of their friendship and brotherhood.
But when they arrived, at their biggest shock and surprise, the building was totally destroyed further to a big fire which took place during the evening before they arranged their meeting! Totally disappointed, the three friends tried to do their meeting elsewhere, but couldn't stay more than 5 mins in each of the new shopping malls of the country, as they didn't feel at ease and still kept Hassamal shopping centre in their heart. They then decided to make a big sacrifice, by selling their Triratna jewels to a company based in Quatre Bornes and who was specialized into buying used jewels in exchange of money. Thanks to that sacrifice, they obtained the beautiful sum of Mauritian rupees 300,000.00 which they donated to the owner of the Hassamal shopping centre for being rebuilt. But their sacrifice unfortunately didn't bring the results they expected, as they ignored they put the money within the hands of a dishonest contractor who took the responsibility of rebuilding the shopping centre...
What will that strange contractor do with the money ? Which impact will it have on the three friends' relationship ? Will they fight together against dishonesty or will they conflict with each other for the sacrifice they did, as the Triratna was divided in three pieces before separation, never reunited again in exchange of money earning for a good cause... And maybe causing the separation of three brothers of heart ?

Thanksgiving Revisited

Native American woman painting

Shania was a young and beautiful Amerindian from Boston in the state of Massachusetts in the United State, belonging to the Amerindian tribute of the Wampanoags. She just entered in the famous university of Boston in the aim of obtaining her degree in History and become a Freelance Historian later, in collaboration with the Ministry of Arts and Culture.
During her years of studies, she acknowledged Matthew, a Yankee student who was in the same class as hers. Little by little, they became close to each other as most of the time they studied and helped each other in their studies, projects and documentation, and they ended into falling in love with each other very quickly, ignoring the circumstances that would be brought into their respective families.
During their second year of university, shania was invited at a Thanksgiving party held at Matthews's parents place and she went there with the authorisation of her parents, though they feared something wrong would happen for their daughter as being the only non white who would be present in that party. Their intuition was revealed true because during the party, though the atmosphere was wonderful, one of the guests, who was completely drunk, indirectly humiliated Shania without even noticing her presence among the guests, by declaring himself as the descendant of the Governor of Charlestown, who celebrated a first defeat of the Wampanoag tribute against a war between them and the British colons in 1676, and who celebrated that victory with a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal! Shania was so humiliated due to the guy's attitude and, worse, the appreciation of Matthews's family regarding that historical sad event, that she couldn't even say a word and left the party in tears. What disgusted her the most was that Matthew was drunk too and appreciated the sayings of that guy, who was also his favorite uncle!
But when Matthew noticed Shania leaving the party in tears by running away, he then regretted what he did and ran after her to at least apologise. But she was already so angry and humiliated that she gave him damnation and promised to revenge against him and all his family. She then started a huge manifestation with all the amerindian tribes of the United States and Canada, mostly supporting her native tribe Wampanoag, against the Yankees. Her aim was about forcing them to acknowledge how in the past, those same Wampanoags helped the first British colons when they had difficulties adapting in the USA when they arrived there for the first time during colonization, thanks to food and hospitality, and that Thanksgiving should be changed and turn back into a huge moment of complicity and not of enmity between Yankees and Amerindians. Bloody and violent manifestations got accumulated in the whole USA and Canada for months, causing lots of diseases and accidents, causing even so much bloodshed.
Will Matthew realize his own mistake ? Will he still keep his friendliness towards his uncle and whole family after all what happened ? Will his relationship with Shania definitely break up and turn into enmity or will love triumph against those disagreements between the two racial belongings whites and Amerindians ?

In the Edge of Your Dreams

Raj was a young man originate from Chennai, India, who came from a middle class family. His parents always wished him to have a decent professional career to help his family surviving. But Raj wasn't interested with his parents' decision because since childhood he always loved Djing and even obtained a master in that field. He worked for the account of a nightclub to begin his career, and all his parties were successful, but didn't pay enough.
Moreover, despite his big success and his numerous friends, Raj remained a lonesome guy, mostly because his parents didn't support him nor respected his choices, and even didn't hesitate to criticize him in the streets of Chennai! But despite the numerous quarrels and humiliations, raj never gave up and kept on saving his money quietly in the hope of opening someday his own virtual discotheque online like international dj armin van buuren, his favorite dj of all time from whom he found his biggest inspiration, in the aim of becoming someday an international dj too.
By her side, Keiran was a young uptown girl from Pondicherry who wanted to perform as a professional hairdresser despite the disagreement of her parents, who wanted her to become a reputed lawyer or doctor. But contrary to Raj who was poor, Keiran was rich, but though her parents gave her money every week, she used that money secretly to fulfill her dream and she obtained her master in hairdressing in Pondicherry. But her dream was to perform in that field to be a professional and international hair stylist for hair modeling competitions.
None of those two southerners knew someday mother luck would open wide her arms to welcome them. One night while Raj was giving a party in the nightclub, he noticed Keiran in the crowd, as she came on holidays in Chennai for one week to take a break after a huge fight against her parents regarding her hairdressing choice! She was absolutely beautiful and attractive, but what attracted especially by her square haircut which really suited her. He even noticed lots of male regards on her until a drunkard came to tease her! Listening to his good heart, he left his palatines and came to her rescue in emergency. As she was still under shock, he asked his colleague to replace him for a while and brought Keiran to have some coffee to relieve her.
Then they talked for hours and discovered between them both lots of common points, especially the disagreement from their parents regarding their dream career and the fact they needed to fight on their own to make their dreams coming true. But Keiran, who was a thankful person for Raj saved her life, promised Raj to help him financially for his international career to be launched soon.
Days went by, and both became best friends very quickly. Thanks to Keiran's financial help, Raj's career worldwide started getting spread and he started becoming rich and wealthy. By the same way, he also helped Keiran in her career of professional hairdresser, and she had lots of success into hair modeling competitions and catwalks worldwide. What was coincidence was that they both travelled together in the same destinations, shared the same hotels, the same passions... But still remained best friends.
One day, they both decided to organize a huge party in Goa to collect funds for the mother Teresa foundation in Kolkata. They decided to combine at the same time a big trance party and a competition of any contestant among the guests of the party who would show the best hairstyle, to receive a cheque to distribute to the mother Teresa foundation in Kolkata. On that day Keiran also changed her haircut and did a boy haircut which suited her very well... But which was made by Raj before the night would go on! And at her big surprise, Keiran herself won the prize and sent the cheque to the foundation!
After the party Keiran asked raj how could it be that a simple boy cut won so much money whereas all contestants had beautiful and creative designs. Raj revealed her then that he also was in the same school of hairdressing like her in Pondicherry but gave up everything when he discovered trance music for the first time, which explains how he succeeded making a lovely hairdressing to her. He then found the courage to tell her that he always loved simple hairdressing and that this haircut perfectly suited her outer but also her inner beauty... And that since Raj cut Keiran's hair, he discovered the wonderful woman she was inside and outside. From that night, both fell in love and even decided to face their parents authority by making their careers together and marrying together, promising in return to help their parents, especially Raj' parents.
But will their parents agree finally on their choices despite their international career for which they never were aware about anything, as both had to lie all the time to their parents ? Will their parents agree about their children's relationship as well ? Isn't it time for their parents to see the good side of the story, seeing their children happy and successful as per their own choices, and in return being financially helped by them as a proof of thankfulness from children to their parents ?

Tamil Nadu, My Love

Bharatanatyam Dancers from Tamil Nadu
Tina was a globetrotter engaged to Sunny, a Eurasian native from Pondicherry with Italian descendance from her mother and Germano-Indian descendance from his father.
Sunny was a well known writer overseas and claimed himself, thanks to his big success, as an overseas ambassador of Tamil Nadu's cultural, religious, spiritual and medical aspects, which made of that state one of the most outstanding Indian states in those fields. As Tina didn't really know India nor Tamil Nadu, she trusted Sunny and followed him in all his opinions and points of views.
Tina's mind changed in Chennai while she was visiting a beautiful temple, as on her way to leave she bumped Sanjay, a poor young boy who was visiting the temple with a couple of friends, And she was shocked about his appearance which contrasted totally with Sunny's sophisticated aspect.
Sanjay wore ordinary clothes and slippers for visiting that place and always had a sad face. Without knowing why Sanjay was like that, she guessed he was a man unlucky with life. However as far as Tina knew Sunny, he would never accept Tina befriending a poor person. But Tina listened to her good heart, and as Sunny had to go in emergency in Pondicherry to promote a family saga he wrote and which was just published, she proposed Sanjay to take a chai with her.
Sanjay felt comforted by Tina's presence who inspired him confidence and he then confided himself in her : he grew up in the streets of Santhome, a suburb from Chennai, and had to fight since his young age to allow his family having a little house to live. He recently lost his father and was the only one helping his family financially. However he just lost his job and didn't know how to manage to help his widow mother nor to pay his debts on the house they purchased thanks to a loan they contracted with the bank.
Tina disobeyed Sunny for the first time and decided to give her secret help to Sanjay. But didn't she fear that with so much kindness, someday love would be in the air and endanger her relationship with sunny ?
Tina knew already the gold shape of Tamil Nadu through its culture, religious aspects, melting pot culture in Pondicherry with European influences, Kollywood as the Tamil film industry, discovered the mother of health in Vailankanni, but she ignored the other shape of Tamil Nadu, with poverty, famine and discrimination of Dravidians and untouchable people for their low caste belonging and rejection from society.
Both Sunny and Sanjay would make her discovering those two shapes, which she would use for a successful reportage on Tamil Nadu through thick and thin. But with Sanjay around, will love be in the air ? Will she committed to make a choice as she loves the both of them ?